Dos historias y dos destinos

Donde se podra discutir los problema de la radio cubana. Estamos rifando un radio marca PELAYO SELENA.
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Dos historias y dos destinos

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President Obama has tried ``open hand'' diplomacy in Cuba to no avail. He lifted restrictions on Cuban-American remittances and visits. When the regime complained of Christmas lights at the U.S. mission in Havana, they were turned off. The State Department called off distribution of a Penguin biography written for children about President Obama. It acquiesced to Cuban demands that dissident leaders not be invited to functions with members of the foreign diplomatic corps. Havana enforces many restrictions on U.S. diplomats; there are no similar measures on Cuban diplomats here.
Havana's response to this diplomacy was to snub Obama's request that it reduce the high tax it imposes on remittances (a real windfall for the regime); and Cuba joined Venezuela's Hugo Chávez in vilifying Obama. The Castros also propagate the falsehood that while others try to help the victims of Haiti's earthquake, the United States uses the catastrophe to occupy Haiti and abuse its people.
When is enough, enough? ... t-get.html

Before, during and after the Nuremberg trials that would convict the Nazis of ``crimes against humanity,'' one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history was being committed. Fifteen million Germans -- old men, women, children -- were driven like cattle out of ancestral homes in Prussia, Pomerania, Brandenburg, Silesia and the Sudetenland... perhaps two million died in the exodus. Few German women in Eastern Europe escaped rape.
At war's end, Churchill and Harry Truman agreed to repatriate two million Soviet prisoners of war to Stalin, none of whom wished to go back. For return to Russia meant death at the railhead or a short brutal life at slave labor in the Gulag Archipelago.
Operation Keelhaul was the name given the Allied collusion with the Red Army in transferring these terrified POWs back to their deaths at the hands of the same Soviet butchers who had done the murdering at Katyn.
On Sept. 3, 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany to restore the integrity and independence of Poland. For this great goal they converted a German-Polish clash that lasted three weeks -- into a world war lasting six years.
And was Poland saved? No. Poland was crucified. ... r-the.html
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