How to Read Eye Movements

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How to Read Eye Movements

Mensaje por elcriollito » Octubre 26, 2011, 6:50 pm

For the majority of the population, the map above indicates what kind of imaginative process is going on in someone’s brain when their eyes point in a particular direction.

NOTE: This is for right handed people only. For left-handers, simply switch left and right!

This doesn’t work for everyone, but try it out on your friends and you’ll be surprised at how accurate this model really is…



Up-Left: Visual Construct (Vc)

Indicates that a person is imagining a visual image.

Sample question: What would President Barack Obama look like if he was white?


Up-Right: Visual Recall (Vr)

Indicates that a person is remembering a visual image that they have seen in the past.

Sample question: What hairstyle did you have in the 3rd grade?
Left: Auditory Construct (Ac)

Indicates that a person is imagining (creating) a sound in their mind.

Sample question: Try to create a new, original theme song for Harry Potter in your head.
Right: Auditory Recall (Ar)

Indicates that a person is attempting to remember a specific sound.

Sample Question: How did that one MGMT song, ‘Time to Pretend,’ sound?
Down-Left: Kinesthetic (K)

Indicates when a person is recalling a smell, feeling or taste. Anything besides and image or a sound.

Sample Question: How does a Sour Warhead taste?
Down-Right: Auditory Internal Dialogue

Indicates when a person is talking to themselves…inside their head.

This could be any form of internal dialogue or when someone this thinking hard about something.
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Re: How to Read Eye Movements

Mensaje por Cartagena » Octubre 26, 2011, 7:27 pm

8-> Cuando al contestar una pregunta la persona mira hacia abajo-izquierda, es que esta mintiendo.
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