Norberto, Pionerito Modelo

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Norberto, Pionerito Modelo

Mensajepor Pelayo » Mayo 22nd, 2013, 5:18 pm

In temporary freedom in Miami — where as Belkis Cantillo, dama-de-blanco leader in Santiago de Cuba puts it, “we feel at home” — they tell their story with simple but effective words.
The Cuban regime’s brutes — grown men with closed fists — beat them and drag them from the street into buses to keep them away from public view.
One of those men who hit and dragged her into a bus was a 26-year-old named Norberto.
Cantillo told him: “You really don’t want to hit us, but you’re doing it for the jaba,’’ the bag of needed supplies with which the government rewards loyalty.
He lowered his head, Cantillo says.
Later, Norberto asked one of the two nurses the Cuban government has on hand — to make sure the women don’t die from a public beating — how Cantillo was feeling.
Cantillo told him: “Isn’t the real question here, how hungry are you?”
Ubi bene ibi patria.


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