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Noticias y antinoticias de Cuba (en Video y a todo color).
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Mariconeria Revolucionaria

Mensajepor Pelayo » Mayo 11th, 2013, 10:55 am

Last summer (on her last trip to the United States) Castro called Human Rights Watch “not respectable.” Much like her tyrannical father and uncle have been doing for the last half century, she labeled all opposition to their fiefdom as “paid CIA lackeys,” and she dismisses all of Cuba’s woes by blaming the U.S. economic embargo. I spoke with some prominent Cuban-American members of Miami’s LGBT who vehemently object to the Equity Forum awarding Castro. “It is incumbent upon those of us who fight for equality to be sensitive to the plight of others who are also struggling for freedom and equality,” said Damian Pardo, founder and former chairperson of SAVE Dade.

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