Que como se liberan los pueblos de las tiranias?

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Que como se liberan los pueblos de las tiranias?

Mensaje por Pelayo » Febrero 11, 2012, 10:34 pm

Asi y solo asi:

Syrian rebels are seen outside of Idlib, Syria, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012. (AP Photo)

BEIRUT (AP) — Gunmen assassinated an army general in Damascus Saturday in the first killing of a high ranking military officer in the Syrian capital since the uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime began in March, the country's state-run news agency said.

The attack could be a sign that armed members of the opposition, who have carried out attacks on the military elsewhere in the country, are trying to step up action in the tightly controlled capital, which has been relatively quiet compared to other cities.

SANA news agency reported that three gunmen opened fire at Brig. Gen. Issa al-Khouli Saturday morning as he left his home in the Damascus neighborhood of Rukn-Eddine. Al-Khouli was a doctor and the chief of a military hospital in the capital.

The assassination came a day after two suicide car bombers struck security compounds in Aleppo.
On Saturday, Damascus gave Tunisian and Libyan diplomats 72 hours to leave the country.
Ubi bene ibi patria.