Install a Backup Browser for Computer Troubleshooting

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Install a Backup Browser for Computer Troubleshooting

Mensaje por elcriollito » Octubre 1, 2012, 3:07 pm

The web browser is likely to be one of the most heavily used programs on a typical Internet connected computer. A web browser is quite a complex program. Among other things, it has to:

-Handle a variety of formats, such as HTML code, images and scripting languages such as java script, and convert them to a form that humans can easily understand.

-Use your Internet connection to access the computer where the requested web page is stored and display a copy of it.

-Allow the user to download programs from the Internet.

Given this heavy workload and complexity, it is not surprising that web browsers are a common source of computer problems.

Therefore, it is a good idea to download and install a secondary browser that can be used as a backup when things go wrong with your primary browser.

Some instances in which you might have a need to use your spare browser are when:

Your primary browser keeps crashing and won't allow you to view any web pages
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