Wireless Multiroom TV Distribution System

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Wireless Multiroom TV Distribution System

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Transmit A/V signals from a single source to multiple destinations, virtually anywhere in your home, without wires. Set includes 2.4GHz transmitter, one receiver and all necessary cables.
Terk - Wireless Multiroom A/V Distribution System
Model: LF-30S | SKU: 5433587

Para los amantes de la tecnologia y alergicos a los cables detras de la tv o la pc,Esto no es nuevo pero quizas para muchos lo es,es un device que le permite trasmitir desde un recividor hacia varios tv,distancia maxima 150"
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Product Features
•Transmits video and stereo audio signals from TVs, VCRs, DVD players and other A/V components
•Includes transmitter and receiver units
•2.4GHz technology transmits through walls, ceilings and floors, providing clear, reliable reception up to 150' away
•Built-in IR extender allows you to use your existing remote to control source components from the destination
•Standard coaxial RF and A/V connections — compatible with any TV
•Up to 3 more receivers can be added to accommodate multiple TVs
•Switchable among 4 separate transmission frequencies to ensure optimal reception
•Easy to install without tools; all connections are clearly labeled for quick, hassle-free setup
•Can function as a child monitor or as part of a home security system when connected to a camcorder and a TV
•Connecting cables included
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